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Pro-Sail Marine


Experience something new, go outside. Discover Water, with your family, group of friends or even with yourself.

What are you doing today?

We believe in serving our customers and the Marine Industry with our fundamental values of total focus on customer service and support along with our quality products at competitive pricing.

Pro-Sail Marine is committed to being South East Asia’s leading supplier of top quality world class brands with highest safety and environmental standards.

With our diverse product selection, we cater to individuals and commercial operations. Our customer base includes individuals who purchase watersports gear for their personal use along with commercial operations including Builders, Retrofit and Repair Companies, Charter Companies, Oil and Gas Service Companies, Shipping Companies, Retail Outlets, and Resorts located all over South East Asia.  

We can ship World-Wide with our international presence, we are located in Bang Saray which is just 8 km from Ocean Marina  just south of Pattaya Thailand.

Please contact us, learn about our brands and experience for yourself our focused customer service.



Our Customer Commitment


Our commitment to customer service; complete and timely follow up for all inquiries and working with our customers to identify exactly what they need with complete integrity. We believe in building a business relationship that benefits all parties involved.

Our commitment to quality products; We only represent world class brands that meet and exceed our standards, period. We don’t sell Crap!

Our commitment to competitive pricing; Our success depends on your success. The more successful our customers, the more successful we become. We believe in building business relationships.

Our Belief

We believe in experiencing life differently, living life to the fullest, finding the balance and making memories for a lifetime. Along the way, we are raising awareness to protect our oceans, waterways and aquatic ecosystems.

​Our Why

​We believe in promoting access to water and water sports as a source of balance in life, wither its done as an individual, with your family or in a group, we help you discover the harmony that binds the body and soul with nature to make the memories that last a lifetime.

Environment Awareness

​We believe in doing our part to raise awareness to protect our oceans, waterways and aquatic ecosystems. All of our products are eco-designed for minimum impact on the environment and 100% recyclable.

The more people we can introduce to aquatic activities, the more people will appreciate and understand the need to protect it for further generations.

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