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Ultimate Sports Engineering


OLAS is a product designed and manufactured by UK based U.S.E. (ultimate Sports Engineering).  

Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) was founded in 1990 and is to this day driven by the obsession of creating the ultimate in innovative sports products. Today Ultimate Sports Engineering encompasses design and production of: Cycling components (USE), Cycle lighting (Exposure Lights) and Marine Lighting (Exposure Marine).  Bury, nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park is the backdrop for this and we pride ourselves on production here.


From the company’s initial offering of the suspension seatpost, USE has had huge success in the cycling industry. Producing components that contributed to winning Olympic gold, King of the Mountains at the Tour De France and dominating the high-end lighting market in the UK and across the world, USE endeavours to push boundaries and raise standards in sport.


Recent progression into the marine market has led to further advances is research and development of lighting and now is quickly becoming known as the leading light manufacturer on and off land.


USE is committed to supporting athletes and events across the world for the benefit of sport.  Sponsoring the elite of the sailing world for product testing in the harshest of environments as well as the athletes representing Great Britain in cycling and adventure racing USE is proud to be a part of UK sport. 

Alert & Find OLAS Background

The OLAS system uses Alert and Find technology to create a portable crew tracking and overboard location alert system.

In an MOB situation OLAS will sound an alarm and record the latitude and longitude of the incident using the phone or tablets GPS.

In the event that the skipper or a crew member has gone overboard OLAS helps direct the remaining crew on a successful MOB recovery and communication with emergency services

NOTE: The OLAS app will direct back to the last known alert GPS position, recorded by the mobile device when the incident occurred. The OLAS app does not live track the OLAS tags location after the connection has broken.  The OLAS tag is not a GPS transmitter.

Alert and Find OLAS in Thailand.

Pro-Sail is committed to bringing the best safety equipment to our customers.  Alert and Find OLAS systems is an essential safety system for any person involved in maratime activities.  OLAS can be the difference between life and death in a man overboard situation.  


Pro-sail works directly with USE Alert&find to bring this essential safety gear to our customers.  For enquiries including wholesale prices and shipping costs please send an email to

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