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Mavericks Background

From our humble beginnings, Mavericks™ has quickly became one of the fastest growing board companies in the world, known for extreme quality boards.


Mavericks™ is gaining in popularity with beginning and intermediate surfers and paddle-boarders with our updated line of boards, manufactured to the highest standards in our factories.


Mavericks™ is the first choice of Surf Schools, Resorts, Tour Operators and Charter Companies with our reputation for extremely rugged boards that will withstand the abuse of daily use and hold up in tropical environments.


We are recreational surfers who enjoy being on the water refining our skills. From shaping our first board in 1980, learning how to stand up in the Gulf of Mexico to present day where paddle boards are gaining in popularity, at Mavericks™ our goal is to manufacture the best boards at the most economical prices geared towards the beginner and intermediate water sports enthusiast.  


With our roots in surfing since 1980, our board designs are the most current on the market and we ourselves get to test each of the new designs insuring only the best make it into production.


Mavericks™ Mission

We encourage people to go out and discover new activities, be it surfing, stand up paddling or any other water sport, being on the water between the breaking waves is where life begins.  The more people we can introduce to aquatic activities, the more people will appreciate and understand the need to protect it for further generations.


We believe in promoting access to water and water sports as a source of balance in life, whether it is done as an individual, with your family or in a group, we help you discover the harmony that binds the body and soul with nature to make the memories that last a lifetime.


We believe in doing our part to raise awareness to protect our oceans, waterways and aquatic ecosystems. All of our products are Eco-Designed for minimum impact on the environment and 100% recyclable.


Mavericks™ Name Origin

Outside of Pillar Point Harbor just north of Half Moon Bay California, after a winter storm the Pacific waves can routinely crest over 25 feet (8 Meters) and top out over 60 feet (18 Meters). This surfing location is known as Mavericks, which is the winter destination of the world’s best big wave surfers.



An invitation only contest is held each year (most winters depending on the weather). Very few riders become big wave surfers and only a few are willing to risk their lives under the hazardous and deadly conditions.

Back in March of 1967, three friends decided to surf the waves at Pillar Point, Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Knottmeyer. Alex also brought his roommates German Shepherd, Maverick who was accustomed to swimming in the surf while his owner was out on the board.

The three surfers left Maverick on shore, but he swam out to them. Finding the conditions unsafe for the dog, Alex tied him up before rejoining the others. The riders had limited success that day as they surfed overhead peaks about 1/4 mile from shore, just along the rocks that are visible from shore; they deemed the bigger outside waves too dangerous. The surfers named the location after Maverick, who seemed to have gotten the most pleasure from the experience. Courtesy Wikipedia.

As you can see, the name stuck.


Our Logo is dedicated to the big wave surfers, the Mavericks of surfing.  These adventurists are willing to risk their lives under the hazardous and deadly conditions at Mavericks.


These men and women are the individualist, nonconformist, and rebels that are willing to experience what life should be and we respect them for that.


If you ever get a chance to go to Half Moon Bay California, it is definitely worth the trip to experience this one and only place.

Below are the current models for 2017/2018 season.  Prices are Recommended Retail Prices.  For retail customers please contact our retail partners (details below), for wholesale please contact Pro-Sail directly.

Surfing 1

Surfing 1

Surfing 2

Surfing 2

Surfing 3

Surfing 3

Mavericks in Thailand / Asia

Pro-Sail works directly with Mavericks™ for both wholesale and retail customers throughout Asia region.  For current prices and shipping costs please contact the following.



Wholesale Customers

Contact Pro-Sail directly at please include the following in your email.

- Your name and contact details

- Specify the name / company name that the  invoice should be made out to if different than above.

- Delivery address

- SUP/Surfboard name, part numbers,quantity and color scheme.

- Accessories name, part numbers and quantity.

Our sales team will reply to you with your wholesale price plus estimated shipping and duty.

Retail Customers

Contact one of our retail partners below (alternatively you can still contact Pro-Sail and we can also help with your order)

Siam Kayaks


     120/80 Moo 8, Bang Saray, Sattahip.

     Siam Kayaks (facebook)

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