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Use links below to get rope specifications for your requirements

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English Braids ropes window cleaning
English Braids ropes
English Braids ropes
English Braids ropes military

English Braids in Thailand

If unsure which rope you need for you specific application or you cannot find it in the links above please don't hesitate to contact us and we can help in finding the correct rope needed for you.   Please try and specify if possible the following criteria in your email/call. 

- Name and contact details

- Delivery address

- Industry rope will be used in

- Strength and Max thickness required

- Length needed. (please note most ropes come in 200m spools)

- Perfered rope material (if the specific application requires it)

- Any other info you think is relevant 

Our sales team with reply to you promptly with your wholesale price plus estimated shipping and duty costs.

English Braids Background

English Braids is a UK based manufacturer of synthetic ropes and braided cords. We work closely with a network of partners to deliver our product to its end application. Our product is used in a wide range of applications including sailing, windows, lifting, engineering, winching, entertainment and manufacturing. We focus on using the best quality raw materials to develop a quality product that is backed up with first class service and support.

English Braids Ltd was established in 1972 in order to supply rope and cord into the industrial market place. The company was originally established in Malvern, Worcestershire, although the current purpose built site was adopted in 1979. The organisation has been grown from this point with an emphasis on sales and customer service. The company has always focused on a B2B environment looking for partners and manufacturers to be able to get the product to the end consumer.

The company diversified into the Marine market place in 1980 and has established a network of partners throughout the UK and distribution channel throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. The values of the company in this sector have been aimed at providing a high quality product to the mass market, from dinghy through to large yachts. It has been the long standing opinion that people do not buy on price, but value for money. It is this messaging that has been key in the overall success of the company today.

Growth has been both organic and via acquisition reflecting the intent of the organisation. This has led to an increase in both market activity and production capacity. The passion for British manufacturing has always been at the heart of the operation and therefore considerations to move production to other areas have always been rejected. The focus on quality and the lack of attention on commodity markets has seen English Braids become one of the best known names in the UK yachting market and our products used across a multitude of markets and sectors.

We are able to manufacture to the majority of specifications including:

-  3 Strand

-  8 Strand

-  12 strand

-  Double braid

-  8 plait

-  16 plait

-  32 plait

Although we have some interaction with natural fibres the majority of production is centred around synthetic fibres. The following details some of the more commonly processed:

-  Polyester

-  Polyamide (Nylon)

-  Polypropylene

-  Polyethylene

-  Dyneema (UHMPE)

-  Aramids (Kevlar/Twaron/Technora)

-  Vectran (LCP)

-  Exotic fibres (PBO, Dyneema SK78/90)

Dyneema Ropes and Fibres

English Braids is a UK Dyneema® partner and manufacturer of ropes in the UK. Dyneema® forms part of the business overall strategic direction which is aligned to technical products delivered with first class customer service. 


Through an intensive R&D process, DSM have developed an extensive range of fibres that are aligned to specific market challenges. These fibres are outlined below, in order to help the customer choose the correct fibre and product.

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