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See / Rescue Background

See / Rescue Streamer is a safety device invented and brought to the market by Dr.Robert Yonder.  

Dr Yonder notices the main problem with any search and rescue operation either at sea or out on a hiking trail has always been the rescue teams and pilots spotting the person in need. 

To a rescue helicopter or search party in a boat, your head is the size of a coconut. Sea dye washes away, flares last for seconds, and EPIRBS (GPS) only get you to the general area - you still need a visual! See/Rescue® is the only passive and continuous signaling device that can help rescuers find you fast.

Whether you are stranded in snowy backcountry or lost on a hiking trail, the See/Rescue®Streamer highlights your location so you stand out against your surroundings. The personal See/Rescue® is the size of a cell phone, providing safety and peace of mind that can be stowed or clipped anywhere.

Sea Rescue Streamer benefits.

1.  It works on Water

2. It works on Land

3. It works Day and Night

Most searches are called off at night.  Not with See/Rescue streamer.  Military grade chew-lights and retro-reflectors provide active and passive night signalling.  It can be seen from miles away with night vision equipment.

The SEE/RESCUE®STREAMER is a patented emergency signaling technology that is used by military organizations worldwide. The NEW lighted SEE/RESCUE® STREAMER provides day and night signaling capability.

See / Rescue in Thailand.

Pro-sail is committed to our customers not only for getting quality brands and functional gear but we also strongly believe in safety equipment.  We want the latest and greatest safety devices to be easily sourced for our customers here in Thailand, Asia & Worldwide. Safety should also be at the top of our minds not just after the fact.


Pro-sail works directly with Dr. Robert Yonder to bring this amazing product to our customers.  For enquiries including wholesale prices and shipping costs please send an email to

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