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Tef-Gel™ Background

-  Eliminate Corrosion between dissimilar metals

-  Prevent Galling of Stainless Steel

-  Act as an Anti Seize Lubricant.


The function of Tef-Gel™ is eliminating dissimilar metal corrosion and the elimination of electrolytes from entering the interface of the metallic surfaces.  Tef-Gel eliminates seizing, galling and friction welding of stainless steel, inconel, and other nickel alloys.


Tef-Gel paste contains 40% PTFE powder and 0% volatile solvents, no silicone's or petroleum solvents to evaporate, which would leave voids for electrolytes to be drawn into creating a galvanic cell. When both surfaces are coated and mated with Tef-Gel there are no voids for electrolytes (saltwater) to be drawn in by capillary action over extended periods of time.

Tef-Gel is derived from a specially formulated Teflon® paste & is used in high corrosive environments to ensure serviceability & presentation of assembled hardware.

Tef-Gel™ Applications

All Grades Stainless Steel & Aluminium

-  No dissimilar metal corrosion

-  No Galling

-  Lubricated for serviceability


Electrical Connections

-  Prevents Corrosion, without impeding current


Mechanical Fastenings, Fittings & Hinges

-  Presentation & function

-  No blistering paint

-  No rust stains


Friction Between Tightened Nuts & Bolts

-  No fretting & galling of stainless threads


A. Bolt with nut or lock nut. Bolt into tapped aluminum, steel, stainless steel, inconel. 
Use mascara brush, bottle brush, or toothbrush to apply a thin coat of
Tef-Gel to both the threaded hole and the bolt threads and tighten. (Torque requirements may have to be altered according to application of thread lubricants).


B. Bedding surfaces: A closely mating surface (10 mils .010 or closer) can be protected from capillary action by applying a thin coat of Tef-Gel with brush, toothbrush, or plastic scraper and assembling the parts and cleaning excess product with mineral spirits or WD-40.

Tef-Gel does not electrically insulate hardware. The PTFE (40%) is ultra fine powder that will extrude out of the contact area and into the voids of the surrounding areas.

Tef-Gel applied between electrical contacts and connectors does not increase the resistance of the connections even at hundreds of amps, maintaining the integrity of EMI shielding.

Tef-Gel applied to both mating surfaces of nuts and bolts or threaded holes and bolts leaves a layer of 40% solid PTFE within the thread interface, which works as friction barrier. Tef-Gel, which contains 0% volatile solvents, will no evaporate, cold flow, or dry out, giving protection many years later when hardware must be dissembled

Tef-Gel Pro-sail marine
Tef-Gel Pro-sail marine
Tef-Gel Pro-sail marine

Tef-Gel™ in Thailand

Tef-Gel is another great addition to Pro-Sail Marine in 2017.   Together we support not only the Marine industry here but have expanded to the Commercial sector also.  Tef-Gel has also many applications for the home and the office.  

For any inquiries including pricing and local / international shipping please do not hesitate to contact us.

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