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Pro-Sail Marine cannot be held liable for any delays in product availability or in order delivery due to shipping, customs, weather delays, or natural disasters. We reserve the right to make product enhancements to improve quality and/or performance.


We Reserve the Right to Refuse any Order at Our Sole Discretion.




By placing an order with Pro-Sail Marine, your company and/or your company representative, represents and warrants that it/they have the authority to order and purchase products and agree to the terms of Pro-Sail Marine for order and payment policies.


All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery to customer.



How do I Determine the Total Cost if I need you to Ship Internationally?


Because Pro-Sail Marine does significant business outside of Thailand, we have very favorable shipping prices from our shipping partners to multiple countries World Wide.


Prices may vary due to local VAT (Value Added Tax), Import Duties depending on the country you’re shipping to.


We calculate each order separately and will send an Estimated Cost (all-inclusive door to door). Once you approve the price, Pro-Sail Marine will issue you an invoice. Once payment is received, the order is shipped directly to you.  


Tracking numbers and estimated arrival time will be emailed to you separately.


Note: All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.


Can I Pick Up my order Directly from your Office?


Yes. Pro-Sail Marine is located in Bang Saray which is 10 mins drive from Ocean Marina. Just let us know when you can drop by and we will have your order waiting for you.


How is the Shipping and Handling Charges Calculated?


Shipping and handling charges are based on total weight of your order.


Oversized or heavy items may have an additional shipping cost. This charge may be subject to change while order is being prepared.


We will notify you if there is an increase in the shipping charge of your order prior to billing the additional charge and shipping.


Entire orders will be shipped together if possible.


What Payment Method do you Accept?


We currently accept Bank Transfers (Domestic and International) for payments.


Is there a Discount for Large Orders or Multiple Part Orders?


Yes.  Pro-Sail Marine can offer you a significant discount depending on your order size, this has led to us having a large number of return customers who we have built a close business relationship with over the years.  


Please contact us for any questions.  Discounts percentage will vary depending on manufacturer and order size.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Every attempt to honor published pricing will be made. For immediate verification and current pricing please contact your Account Manager.


Catalogs are subject to change without notice. Product sizes, capacities, weights, colors, and other specifications are subject to change without notice.  For most up to date product information, please contact your Account Manager.


Can I place an Order by Phone?


Orders must be submitted via purchase order in writing via mail or email. Phone/verbal orders will not be accepted. No exceptions.


How do I Know my Order is Accepted?


Order acknowledgements are sent via email upon receipt of a Purchase Order.  It is important to review order acknowledgements closely and to contact Pro-Sail Marine immediately with any corrections or changes.


All orders are subject to factory acceptance/refusal. Pro-Sail Marine reserves the right to refuse any order at its sole discretion.


It is the Purchasers Responsibility to verify the accuracy of all items including Part Numbers prior to Invoicing. Pro-Sail Marine will not be held liable for any omissions or mistakes in order.


What happens if I don’t Pay for my Order?


All orders must be paid for prior to shipment. In the event that we do not receive full payment for an Invoiced Order, we will follow up with the customer to request payment. This will be using e-mail, phone and any other methods in order to contact the person who placed the order.


Due to our costs associated with creating Invoices, a β3,500 (THB) Service Fee may be applied. In the event of a non-payment order, part or all of the deposit may be forfeited by the purchaser.


What Taxes will I have to pay?


This will depend on which country the order will be shipped to.


Thailand Law requires collection of tax on product and shipping charges for orders shipped to a Thailand address or picked up from our physical location. These charges include 7% VAT (Value Added Tax) on the total amount including shipping/freight charges.  Import Taxes (commonly known as Duties) may be required and these rates vary up to 100% of the value of the items. From our experience, most items will be around 10% Import Taxes.


Note: BOI companies in Thailand have different rules and procedures and the above may not apply.


We don’t add additional charges for duties and are included in the price quotes. In the event of a Duty imposed greater than 20%, we will notify you prior to accepting order.


Depending on which country the order will be shipped to, there may be both a VAT and Import Duties assessed by the importing country. We will help calculate the costs of these taxes, but it is the importer who is responsible for verifying the accuracy of these costs.


What Additional Charges will I have for my order?


Our Estimates and Invoices will have detailed costs and charges. As the norm, we quote the item costs ex-factory, add the Shipping cost (freight) and VAT which is then detailed in the Estimate and Invoice. Please contact your Account Manager for details.


What if I want to Cancel an Order?


All order cancellations must be submitted in writing. No verbal cancellations will be accepted.  All applicable charges incurred for production completed prior to receiving written notice of cancellation will be invoiced. In addition, a β1,500 THB cancellation charge may apply.


Please note once an Invoice is created, a Service Charge may be applied. This is due to the Tax Requirements of Thailand.



What to do when I Receive my Order?


Please inspect all orders carefully upon receipt. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from the ship date. All returned product must be pre-authorized and shipped with RMA (Return Materials Authorization) clearly indicated on outside of packaging. Product must be returned in good condition. To obtain an RMA, contact customer service with the purchase order number or the original invoice number.


I received an Incorrect Item Shipped, what can I do?


Please contact your Account Manager. They will arrange the correct item to be shipped to you ASAP. They are responsible for conducting an investigation for the reason of the incorrect item being shipped and will notify you in 5 Business days the reason for the error and the steps to keep this from happening in the future.


If the customer received an incorrect item due to a mistake on our part, no extra charges will be incurred. Pro-Sail Marine will ship out a replacement item immediately along with e-mailing or messaging the customer with a return shipping label.


Pro-Sail Marine asks that the customer return the first item and inform Pro-Sail Marine of shipping as quickly as possible.


Note: Due to the manufactures are located overseas, there may be a lead time for receiving the correct part. Your Account Manager is responsible for informing all parties involved on the status.


I want to Return an Item from my Order.


Pro-Sail Marine normally does not accept returns unless prior arrangement has been made with your Account Manager. Return items value is issued as an in-store credit and may be applied to future purchases. Returned Items have a re-stocking fee of 20% minimum.


Returns must be authorized by Pro-Sail Marine using the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. You are responsible for shipping (including the cost and tracking) the item(s) back to our facility. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.


All returns must be postmarked no later than 30 days from the original customer shipment date.


Include a printout of your order or RMA with all returns.


Electrical parts, propellers and service manuals are not returnable if installed, tried or opened. NO EXCEPTIONS! We may refuse to accept returns for worn or used items.


If you return an item that has been used, damaged, tried, dirty, worn, or damaged packaging, you will NOT receive a full refund. We need to be able to resell the item as ‘like new’. If we have to discount the reselling item, an additional deduction will be taken from the refund.


Refunds for returns are issued as an in-store credit and can be applied to future purchases.



What Warranties are Included?


All items have the original OEM warranty and will be serviced, replaced by the OEM. Pro-Sail Marine is not responsible for manufactures warranty or service.


How to Activate the Manufactures Warranty?


All items come with a serial number and product description. It is the Purchasers responsibility to register all items with the warranty registration process of the respective manufacture. Failure to do so may result in the warranty not being activated or valid and Pro-Sail Maine cannot be held liable for any manufactures warranty.


I have a Warranty Claim, How do I Handle?


Each OEM (Manufacture) will have their own process for warranty related issues. This could include repair at an authorized service center or even item replacement. Please refer to the individual warranty for details.


Contact your Account Manager at Pro-Sail Marine, they may be able to provide some assistance in the matter. This service is provided by Pro-Sail Marine at no extra charge and is part of our Focus and Commitment for Customer Service.


Although the manufacture will have the final decision and process of all warranty issues, Pro-Sail Marine cannot be held liable for any warranty claims not accepted by the manufacture.

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